[Nut-upsuser] NUT uses port 3493 for everything

Roger Price roger at rogerprice.org
Sat Oct 24 20:20:15 BST 2020

The NUT project uses port 3493 to receive traffic to the upsd server. Unlike the 
protocols http (80) and https (443), NUT has no specific port for encrypted 
traffic.  For the upsdTLS.py daemon. I squatted port 563, but it would be much 
better to have an officially assigned port.

Port 3494 was at one time assigned to
   ibm3494            3494/tcp     # IBM 3494  [Jeffrey_Pilch]
   ibm3494            3494/udp     # IBM 3494  [Jeffrey_Pilch]

The IBM 3494 is a huge tape cartridge device.  Over 6000 cartridges at a time! 
It was announced 1995, withdrawn from marketing 2006 and service was 
discontinued 2018.

I see that the port 3494 has disappeared from /etc/services in Debian 9.  Is it 
possible to aquire the port for NUT?


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