[Nut-upsuser] ups not being started sat reboot

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sat Sep 5 16:27:18 BST 2020

On Saturday 05 September 2020 05:23:04 Roger Price wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Sep 2020, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > But runs normally if started.  On a rpi4 running an uptodate
> > raspbian buster, how do I set it to auto start at boot time?
> Hello Gene, By "auto start" I assume you mean the automatic power on
> of a box when wall power returns after a power failure. For this to
> work, two things are needed:
>   1. The UPS power outlets have been turned off.
>   2. The box's BIOS has been set to "power up on AC return".  (The
> words may change, it depends on the BIOS.)
> The problem may be that the box is turned off without a command to the
> UPS to later turn off the power outlets.  When the power outlets are
> turned off, you should hear the "clunk" of the relays.
> Roger
I have a standby that starts in about 5 seconds, so theoretically, any 
shut downs, which shouldn't happen unless the generac blows up, won't 
happen.  Its a 650WA cyberpower, running an rpi4 and its mesa based 
interface. all of which is running on a 5 volt 5 amp supply, max 30 
watts drain IOW.

All I really want is the -wall broadcast from nut telling me its on 
standby power, and back on wall power 5 or 6 seconds later.

But on a reboot, I have to start nut manually.  So what I want to know is 
what to do, in which rc#.d to start nut automatically at reboot time. 

Its running on the raspbian clone of buster, all uptodate except the 
kernel and its libs, which have been replaced by a locally built 
preempt-rt kernel and protected from apt upgrades which would destroy 
its real time performance.

The ups is working great, all I want is nut running and tracking the 
failures.  Local power hasn't historically been as dependable as I'd 
like, and my installing a 20kw standby was in self defense since the 
missus has COPD and a long power failure killing her oxygen generator 
might have put a ~30~ on her story.  She is now in a rest home till 
whenever? telinit says its obsolete, see systemd and systemctl.  And
I'm green yet at that stuff.


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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