[Nut-upsuser] No matching MIB found

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Thu Apr 1 16:19:32 BST 2021


I'm running NUT in Home Assistant and have following info about MIB not found. 

1/ OS: Home Assistant v2021.3.4 running on Hyper-V 
2/ NUT version: v0.6.2 
3/ UPS: APC Smart-UPS 1500 RM (firmware 617.3.I) via an AP9631 management card (v6.9.4) 
4/ log: 

[s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...exited 0.
[s6-init] ensuring user provided files have correct perms...exited 0.
[fix-attrs.d] applying ownership & permissions fixes...
[fix-attrs.d] nut: applying... 
[fix-attrs.d] nut: exited 0.
[fix-attrs.d] done.
[cont-init.d] executing container initialization scripts...
[cont-init.d] 00-banner.sh: executing... ----------------------------------------------------------- Add-on: Network UPS Tools Manage battery backup (UPS) devices ----------------------------------------------------------- Add-on version: 0.6.2 You are running the latest version of this add-on. System: Home Assistant OS 5.12  (amd64 / qemux86-64) Home Assistant Core: 2021.3.4 Home Assistant Supervisor: 2021.03.6 ----------------------------------------------------------- Please, share the above information when looking for help or support in, e.g., GitHub, forums or the Discord chat. ----------------------------------------------------------- [cont-init.d] 00-banner.sh: exited 0.
[cont-init.d] 01-log-level.sh: executing... 
[cont-init.d] 01-log-level.sh: exited 0.
[cont-init.d] nut.sh: executing... 
[14:49:50] INFO: Setting mode to netserver... [14:49:50] INFO: Generating /etc/nut/upsd.users... [14:49:50] INFO: Configuring user: jeroen [14:49:50] INFO: Password is NOT in the Have I Been Pwned database! Nice! [14:49:50] INFO: Configuring Device named ups... [14:49:50] INFO: Starting the UPS drivers... No matching MIB found for sysOID '.'!
Please report it to NUT developers, with an 'upsc' output for your device.
Going back to the classic MIB detection method.
Detected Smart-UPS 1500 RM on host (mib: apcc 1.2)
[ups] Warning: excessive poll failures, limiting error reporting (OID = .
[ups] Warning: excessive poll failures, limiting error reporting (OID = .
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.4
[cont-init.d] nut.sh: exited 0.
[cont-init.d] nutclient.sh: executing... 
[cont-init.d] nutclient.sh: exited 0.
[cont-init.d] done.
[services.d] starting services
[services.d] done.
[14:49:52] INFO: Starting the UPS information server... 0.000000	fopen /var/run/nut/upsd.pid: No such file or directory
   0.000655	listening on port 3493
   0.001663	Connected to UPS [ups]: snmp-ups-ups
[14:49:52] INFO: Starting the UPS monitor and shutdown controller... 0.000000	fopen /var/run/nut/upsmon.pid: No such file or directory
   0.000438	Using power down flag file /etc/killpower
   0.000830	UPS: ups at localhost (master) (power value 1)
   0.001122	debug level is '1'
   0.001387	Warning: running as one big root process by request (upsmon -p)
   0.001862	Init SSL without certificate database
   0.003607	Trying to connect to UPS [ups at localhost]
   0.016794	User upsmonmaster at logged into UPS [ups]
   0.004993	Logged into UPS ups at localhost 

- username: <user> 
password: <pwd> 
- all 
actions: [] 
- name: ups 
driver: snmp-ups 
config: [] 
mode: netserver 
shutdown_host: 'false' 

On UPS: 
SNMPv1, enabled, public read 

I'm also not 'seeing' anything in the Entities in HA. 

What could I'm doing wrong? 

Txs for the help 


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