[Nut-upsuser] [EXTERNAL] Tripp Lite "Remote Shutdown" when USB cable is attached

Fairfax, Charles A. FairfaxC at missouri.edu
Fri Feb 5 19:33:18 GMT 2021

To answer your question:  In addition to the SU3000XLCD which shut down when I connected my Raspbian Pi via USB I have a couple SU1000XLa, a couple SU1000RTXL2Ua, and one SU3000RTXLCD3U connected by USB Raspberry Pi.  No network or EPO connections.  I've only experienced the shutdown issue once on that one UPS.

I also have several SU1000RT2U one SU2200RT2U which I monitor with NUT but they predate USB so are connected by RS232.  At nearly 20 years old they probably don't enter into this discussion but they have been working great with NUT.

Charles Fairfax

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>> I have a few other models of TrippLite UPSs in service but the SU3000XLCD is the only one that's shut down like this for me.
Do you know any of the other models? Would be an interesting data point

>>  I did contact TrippLite at the time and they asked me to call with the computer and UPS available.
I was on the tech support team back then... maybe we've come full circle.
I plan to dig into this sometime this week when I am in the office.

Thank you,
David Zomaya
Tripp Lite

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