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marco.hald at crailsheim.de marco.hald at crailsheim.de
Tue Feb 23 11:17:23 GMT 2021

Hi  Roger,

Hello Marco, Here in Firewall_1 you are running upsd only?  Isn't it 
upsmon that 
you should be running?

You are right I described it wrong. Firewall -1 is only running upsmon and 
this works without a Problem.
It is not possible that Firewall-2 can reach the "nut-server", because 
Firewall-1 and Firewall-2 are a Hot-Standby Cluster and share all IPs 
except the ones on the HA Interface (Network B).
I also cannot apply a Nat Rule to circumvent the IP issue, because all 
Rules get applied to both Firewalls.

I tried to run the upsd on Firewall-1 to Proxy the Requests from 
Firewall-2, because I thought that I can configure UPSD on Firewall-1 in a 
way to relay the UPS Information from "S" to Firewall-2.

I hope this is understandable now.

Kind Regards

Marco Hald

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On Tue, 23 Feb 2021, marco.hald at crailsheim.de wrote:

> here is a Diagramm of the Connections
>                                             Machine "S"
> +----------------------------+           +--------------------+         
> |  Socomec UPS               |           |nut-server          |         
> |  only capable of SNMP      |-----------|Ubuntu Server 20.04 |         
> |                            |           |with upsd 2.7.4     |         
> +----------------------------+           +--------------------+         
>                                                      |                   
> +-----------------------------+                      |                   
> |  Firewall-1 with upsd 2.6.2 |   Network A          |               
> |  without SNMP Support       |----------------------+                   
> +-----------------------------+                                         
>             | Network B                                                 

Hello Marco, Here in Firewall_1 you are running upsd only?  Isn't it 
upsmon that 
you should be running?

>             | Network B                                                 
> +-----------------------------+                                         
> |  Firewall-2 with upsd 2.6.2 |                                         
> |  without SNMP Support       |                                         
> +-----------------------------+      

In Firewall_2 you need upsmon to be able to talk to "nut-server" machine S

> My Problem is Firewall-2 can only reach Firewall-1.

I guess that Firewall_1 is supporting two networks, A and B, and that you 
get from a machine on network B to machine S on network A.  Is this 
Do the firewall logs record any rejected traffic?

> Firewall-1 can reach every Device.
> On Firewall-1 the nut-server is configured as Monitor and the shutdown 
works properly.

When you say "nut-server" one thinks of upsd, not upsmon.  I guess you 

> The Connection from Firewall-2 to Firewall-1 works via netcat.

But does netcat "nut-server" 3493 work on machine Firewall_2 ?

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