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marco.hald at crailsheim.de marco.hald at crailsheim.de
Wed Feb 24 06:52:20 GMT 2021

This could solve my Problem.
Do you know in which Version the Repeater mode was added?
Whe i configure the UPS in ups.conf like this:

        driver = "dummy-ups"
        port = "netvision at s"

and then Start the UPSD with upsd -D
I get this Output:

upsd -D
Network UPS Tools upsd 2.6.2
   0.000000     listening on port 3493
   0.000198     Can't connect to UPS [ups] (dummy-ups-ups): No such file 
or directory

So maybe the Version on the Firewall is to old

Kind Regards

Marco Hald

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One solution can be a "dummy-ups" driver in proxy mode (and an upsd) 
running on Firewall1 and so republishing data from a real device handled 
by existing nut-server to a NUT client on Firewall2.

Note this can suffer from some lags compared to a real connection, but 
e.g. a proxy like this allows us in lab to monitor real data from many nut 
clients (instances in integration tests) although direct UPS connectivity 
is way more limited (even networked ones can handle only so many clients) 

Technically these can be chained, we have proxies to proxies over vpn to 
only have long-distance traffic once regardless of amount of running 
tested clients.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2021, 12:31 Roger Price <roger at rogerprice.org> wrote:
Sorry, the ascii art was mangled.  I'll try again.

On Tue, 23 Feb 2021, marco.hald at crailsheim.de wrote:

> here is a Diagramm of the Connections
>                                          Machine "S"
> +---------------------------+      +--------------------+
> | Socomec UPS               |      |nut-server          |
> | only capable of SNMP      |------|Ubuntu Server 20.04 |
> |                           |      |with upsd 2.7.4     |
> +---------------------------+      +--------------------+
>                                             |
> +----------------------------+              |
> | Firewall-1 with upsd 2.6.2 |  Network A   |
> | without SNMP Support       |--------------+
> +----------------------------+
>             | Network B

Hello Marco, Here in Firewall_1 you are running upsd only?  Isn't it
upsmon that you should be running?

>             | Network B
> +----------------------------+
> | Firewall-2 with upsd 2.6.2 |
> |  without SNMP Support      |
> +----------------------------+

In Firewall_2 you need upsmon to be able to talk to "nut-server" machine 

> My Problem is Firewall-2 can only reach Firewall-1.

I guess that Firewall_1 is supporting two networks, A and B, and that
you cannot get from a machine Firewall_2 on network B to machine S on
network A.  Is this correct? Do the firewall logs record any rejected

> Firewall-1 can reach every Device.
> On Firewall-1 the nut-server is configured as Monitor and the shutdown 
works properly.

When you say "nut-server" one thinks of upsd, not upsmon.  I guess you 
mean "nut-client".

> The Connection from Firewall-2 to Firewall-1 works via netcat.

But does netcat S 3493 work on machine Firewall_2 ?


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