[Nut-upsuser] Are these tools right for me?

Alex Conway conwaytalex at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 16:09:53 GMT 2021


I'm a recent graduate and new hire at a company and I've been given what I
thought would be an easy task to write a program that would monitor and
display UPS status information onto an overlay. However, with all the
research I've done, this set of tools seems to be the closest thing to what
I might need to get started but I'm not sure. I've also seen Net-SNMP
library and APCUPSD software. I have attempted to install the NUT for
windows and Net-SNMP but ran into an issue with not having libUSB and
OpenSSL, respectively. I have managed to ping the device and get connected
to it via the PowerChute Business software, so I do know that I've enabled

Relevant details:
Windows 10 OS, target language is C or C++, it's an APC UPS 3000VA with a
smart connect and no network management card.

I realize this is a bit vague and might be under the umbrella of
"development" but I'm at a loss for what I should use or which entity would
be best to focus on for the sake of this. Any advice would be greatly

Thank you,
Alex Conway
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