[Nut-upsuser] permanently setting "battery.charge.low" on APC Back-UPS RS 550G

Ralf Fassel ralfixx at gmx.de
Wed Jun 30 14:44:49 BST 2021

* Roger Price
| On Tue, 29 Jun 2021, Ralf Fassel via Nut-upsuser wrote:
| > Is there a way to permanently set the battery.charge.low in the
| > device?  Or in some config file (which)?
| Have a look at man ups.conf which has the example
|     override.battery.charge.low = 30
| I don't know if this works for a Back-UPS RS 550G

I got the reply from APC support in germany

  "Power Chute Software does not offer this option and there is no
  support for third party software."

(who would have thought otherwise :-)

So it seems the solution is either to set the battery.charge.low each
time (no problem), and/or to override the setting as you suggested (no
problem either).

Your suggestion made me actually read


again, and I think I was under the wrong impression that it is the UPS
which powers down when reaching battery.charge.low.

Instead it is the NUT tools in some way or other which finally executes
"upsdrvctl shutdown" in /etc/init.d/nut-server.  Though I don't fully
understand how the 'poweroff' branch in these scripts is reached
(since I thought they were all called with either 'start' or 'stop'
from 'init'), but as "it works" I probably don't need to care :-)

Case closed, thanks!

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