[Nut-upsuser] upsstats only updates "load" when utility statuschanges

gene heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Wed Jul 13 09:14:14 BST 2022

On 7/12/22 21:58, Tyler Montney via Nut-upsuser wrote:
> The only way I can get "load %" to update is by unplugging the power.
> 'upsc' shows the same values. Perhaps this is because the UPS is only
> sending load on this event?
You may be onto something. I've a small cyberpower 650 feeding an rpi4,
and it was only after it had been thru the first power failure that it 
reported a non zero load value by way of upsc.

Now its stuck at 8% and has been for 2 years. That's 52 watts, but a
kilawatt reports closer to 20. It's powering the pi, which has 2 SSD's for
development workspace and 4 mesanet interface cards.
> Nut is latest (as of a week ago), not sure how to check the version. UPS is
> an APC Back-UPS ES 650G1, running on Raspbian 11. Set it up by breezing
> through this guide: https://docs.technotim.live/posts/NUT-server-guide/
Version of nut and driver are included in the upsc output, or are in
mine, running nut 2.7.4,

My bitch about the cyberpower is its fixed 2 minute shutoff time.
In my case, it never gets to that 2 minute power kill ready or not as
there's a 20kw generac in the back yard. Startup time is around 12
seconds. My pi4b is stuck on buster cuz its running linuxcnc to drive
and 80 yo Sheldon lathe, and the bullseye python is too new for linuxcnc.

Question for Roger: Your alert about TLSstorm does not apply to apc's using
the usbhid-ups driver?
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