[Nut-upsuser] Help with a Chloride Power Start 600 UPS

rosabox at centrum.cz rosabox at centrum.cz
Sat Jul 16 16:09:36 BST 2022


I did some more digging.
I noticed during testing of various drivers, that some of them "lock" the UPS interface and I have to reset it by powering down the UPS and disconnecting the UPS battery for a while.
There is ONDYNE written on the PCB of the UPS.
I logged the communication between the UPS and the Windows software using PortMon
I also found a file called ondmod.ond, which contains a list of supported UPSs, I think.
Maybe someone can guess the correct protocol based on it?
I have uploaded the files here: https://ulozto.net/tamhle/5nibsEieK7s2/name/Uploaded-16-7-2022-at-16-25-28
I hope someone will be able to identify a compatible NUT protocol, if there is any at all.

Thank you

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