[Nut-upsuser] Redundant UPSes and dummy one

PeReZ valepe69 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:55:29 BST 2022

I need to manage two UPSes but my host can set and monitor only one.

So I thinked to install NUT UPS on a Raspberry to monitor both UPSes and to
create a dummy ups.

The two UPSes are identical and both have LAN cards but I can connect them
via USB if desiderable.

Can I connect the Raspberry to the host via USB for dummy UPS

The dummy ups should do:
- notify ON_BATTERY if both UPSes are on battery
- if both go on LOW battery, change its status to LOW battery also
- send a shutdown comamnd to both UPSes with a delay of 5 minutes so the
host can gracefully stops all VMs and itself
- turn off the Raspberry?

The NUT server should send notifications on real status of both UPSes via

Is it possible?
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