[Nut-upsuser] ISE review of I-D: deprecate command VER?

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Mon Mar 21 15:41:22 GMT 2022

On 3/21/22 17:26, Roger Price wrote:
>>> On 20.03.22 16:02, Roger Price wrote:
>>>> I received the following comment from the Independent Submissions 
>>>> Editor (ISE):
>>>> The command VER is hazardous because it encourages exploiting of
>>>> implementation peculiarities that are not well documented in a
>>>> protocol.  The best example of such a failure is the browser version
>>>> field in HTTP.  A complete disaster.  You should warn against use of
>>>> this command, or even better, deprecate it.
>>>> I was not aware of the disaster in the browser version field, but I
>>>> will warn against use of VER, and deprecate it, if you agree.
> Thanks very much for the helpful discussion.
> 1. I will not deprecate VER, but I will explain to the ISE that NUT is 
> very different to the HTTP disaster situation, and that we do not have 
> millions of users of broken clients.


> 2. I will explain that "current practice" is for a client, known as a 
> Management Daemon, to fall back to an earlier command form if a 
> command fails.  E.g. if PRIMARY fails, fall back to MASTER.
> 3. The ISE requires that the I-D state clearly which version of NUT, 
> as returned in response to command VER, is documented by the I-D.  I 
> have written the I-D in terms of NUT 2.7.4, but it would probably be 
> better if the ID referred to upcoming 2.8.0.  This will make it 
> clearer what "current practice" means.
> Do you agree that the I-D should refer to 2.8.0?

Not really. Even 2.7.5 is still not out and 2.7.4 was released in sept 
2021 ( according to https://github.com/networkupstools/nut ).

I would either use some generic values as example or leave it as it is.

> 4. The I-D must also say which protocol version it documents, as 
> returned in response to command PROTVER (formerly NETVER).
> Will this stll be 1.2 in NUT 2.8.0, or will it move to 1.3?
> Roger

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