[Nut-upsuser] usb-hid firmware update?

Dag B dag at bakke.com
Tue Mar 29 18:21:06 BST 2022

Slightly on the side of what NUT is for, but I don't know where to find 
a better audience for the question:

Has anyone done any work to reverse-engineer the firmware update 
protocol for usb-hid UPSes? Modern Eaton models in particular.

I have many UPSes all over the place. Most of them I can communicate 
with via the Network MS or Gigabit Ethernet NMCs. And the NMC is easy to 
update. But the UPS itself cannot be updated via the NMC. At least for 
now, I need to hook up to the local RS232 or USB port of the UPS chassis.

The only software available for this task is a proprietary Windows tool. 
I do not have a windows machine everywhere I have a UPS. What I *do* 
have everywhere is an ARM-based router running Linux 
3.10-somethingcustom. Even though that kernel has the USB over IP bits 
(in staging), it is not part of the kernel on said router. And the 
Windows client for USB over IP is *cough* 11 years stale ....

So I could really need something which runs locally, on that Linux router.

Anyone feeling tempted?

Dag B

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