[Nut-upsuser] Cyberpower RMCARD via SNMP - never reports LB

vom513 vom513 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 22:58:32 GMT 2022

Hello all,

Here is all of my version info:

- nut 2.7.4 on Debian 11 (default Debian package)
- Cyberpower UPS model PR1500RT2U (UPS fw 1.8553)
- Cyberpower RMCARD 205 (hw 1.1, fw 1.3.7)
- Using snmp-ups driver + cyberpower mibs.  snmpv1

So in this configuration, NUT sees the UPS fine, reports a much smaller set of variables/status than USB connected (pretty sure this is normal).

For status though, I never get LB.  I get OL and OB though.  I did a “hard test” and unplugged the UPS and let it run out.  It was well below the thresholds (default by the way, 35% batt capacity OR 5 min run time).  It got all the way down to 0 min remaining, and the UPS was on it’s last breath and I never got LB.  Needless to say, my machine shutdown hard.

I connected the USB cable on this same setup, and now I get LB normally as expected.

Dunno if this is a known issue or anyone else has seen this.  Technically I prefer the USB connection, but would still like to know why this doesn’t work via SNMP to the RMCARD.

And if no one has ever seen this etc… then let this message be a data point in the archives for if/when someone else has the same issue.


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