[Nut-upsuser] Problem with Multiple USB UPSs, including multiple apparent CyberPower

Bruce Pleat bpleat at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 22:10:18 GMT 2023

Trying to configure multiple UPS on one Raspberry Pi 4 (Bullseye).

Issue: Whenever more than one is plugged in, one shows as all - as in "upsc
x" for all of them shows identical information for one UPS rather distinct
for each plugged in.

/proc/version = "Linux version 5.10.103-v7l+ (dom at buildbot)
(arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-8 (Ubuntu/Linaro 8.4.0-3ubuntu1) 8.4.0, GNU ld
(GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.34) #1529 SMP Tue Mar 8 12:24:00 GMT 2022"

I'm using the latest updates to OS and running the latest apt nut packages
in the dist (2.7.x?).

UPS in use:
One UPS is APC, two are branded Cyber Power, one is branded Amazon Basics
but lsusb matches to (and others report is built by) Cyber Power. All are
"driver = usbhid-ups".

Relevant lsusb lines:
ID 0764:0501 Cyber Power System, Inc. CP1500 AVR UPS
ID 0764:0501 Cyber Power System, Inc. CP1500 AVR UPS
ID 051d:0002 American Power Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply
ID 0764:0501 Cyber Power System, Inc. CP1500 AVR UPS
(Bus/Device varies greatly, of course, so omitted)

Here's my ups.conf file:

        driver = usbhid-ups
        port = auto
        desc = "CyberPower UPS SL"
        -x product = "SL Series"
        -x model = "SL Series"
        -x productid = 0501
        -x vendorid  = 0764

        driver = usbhid-ups
        port = auto
        desc = "CyberPower UPS AB"
        -x product = ABST600
        -x model = ABST600
        -x productid = 0501
        -x vendorid  = 0764

        driver = usbhid-ups
        port = auto
        desc = "CyberPower UPS CP"
        -x model = "CP685AVR-G"
        -x vendorid = "0764*"
        -x product  = "CP*"

        driver = usbhid-ups
        port = auto
        desc = "APC BE600M1 UPS"
        -x product = "Back-UPS ES 600M1*"
        -x model = "Back-UPS ES 600M1"
        -x vendorid  = 051d


Major issue:
For whatever reason, only one UPS gets recognized regardless of how precise
or loose I am in the matching - I've commented out or restored each of the
"-x" parameters.

When I only have one plugged in at a time, here's the ups.model (same as
device.model) info for the four:
apc: APC: Back-UPS ES 600M1
ab: CPS (Amazon): ABST600
sl: CPS:  SL Series
cp: CPS:  CP685AVR-G

The three units recognized by lsusb as Cyber Power do not report a
device.serial, so I can't match based on that.

When multiple are plugged in, no matter which I "upsc x", it comes back for
the same one (i.e., "upsc sl" and "upsc apc" return the same UPS's data).

I've tried commenting out various combinations of the "-x" (thinking maybe
it was "or" instead of "and"), no difference.

Thanks in advance for any leads/help.

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