[Nut-upsuser] PR to test for users of Qx devices (blazer and nutdrv_qx)

Jim Klimov jimklimov+nut at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 17:26:47 GMT 2023


  One PR waiting to get into 2.8.1 release timeframe is
https://github.com/networkupstools/nut/pull/1652 stemming from issue

  The gist of it is that "battery.voltage" and "battery.charge" were not
always reported correctly with nutdrv-qx driver (might be handled better by
blazer drivers though), and the overrides tried by issue posters did not
help them with original state of NUT codebase.

  That PR introduces more ways to detect this info, with one user posting
faults and eventually success with iterations of that code. This leaves me
with an uneasy feeling about having broken (or not) something along the
way, so it would be great if the NUT community could build the proposed
codebase and run a driver to get a device-dump (don't have to replace the
installation) and let me know all seems okay before I merge it :)
Especially for devices that reported such data well with the original NUT
codebase :)

  It would probably go along the lines of:

:; cd /tmp
:; git clone -b issue-1279 https://github.com/jimklimov/nut
:; cd nut
:; INPLACE_RUNTIME=true ./ci_build.sh
### Temporarily stop your original drivers
:; ./drivers/nutdrv_qx -a DEVNAME_FROM_UPS_CONF -d1 # -x override...=...
### Can start back your original drivers

  Options set by that user who cooperated in testing, for the device which
reported insufficient data on its own:

driver.parameter.battery_voltage_reports_one_pack: 1
driver.parameter.default.battery.voltage.low: 23.6
driver.parameter.override.battery.packs: 12
driver.parameter.override.battery.voltage.high: 27.0
driver.parameter.runtimecal: 240,100,1380,25
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