[Nut-upsuser] Prolink UPS NUT driver

Alexander ak at enfall.com
Fri Jan 20 07:44:31 GMT 2023

Hello NUT users,

Earlier we sent a similar request to the mailing list in 2022, hope somebody
may be interested now and help us with the issue described below, or can
advice someone who can do this work.
Of course, we are ready to reward for such help, if you have the opportunity
to solve the problem, please let us know the price of the solution. Feel
free to email us directly at ak at enfall.com <mailto:ak at enfall.com> .

The manufacturer Prolink has an 650VA UPS model. To supply this UPS to the
customer, we should first ensure the compatibility of this UPS model with
the NUT monitoring system.
The customer’s NUT monitoring system works on CentOS 6.

At the moment, information has been received from the manufacturer about NUT
monitoring support, but only partially support (not all necessary data can
be obtained from this UPS).

Below is a list of data that needs to be obtained from 650VA UPS from
Prolink using NUT. Commands that according to Prolink are currently not
supported are indicated below:
1)     UPS status (ups.status)  --》OK

2)     Battery charge level (battery.charge)--- >> Only support battery

3)     Expected battery life (battery.runtime)---》not support

4)     Input line parameters (input.voltage)---》OK

5)     UPS model (ups.model)- 》OK

6)     Current UPS load (ups. load)- 》OK

7)     The UPS shall transmit to the NUT driver the resulting Runtime value
calculated from UPS controller side (without calculation from the driver
side)- 》not support

Prolink claims that to fully support NUT, the NUT driver “blaser_usb” for
650VA UPS needs to be improved, so we are asking you for help.

1. Please clarify whether it is technically possible to modify the existing
driver for the 650VA Prolink UPS and provide the ability to transfer all
data from this UPS to NUT in accordance with the list above?

2. In what time frame is it possible to modify the driver?

3. How much does it cost to upgrade the driver?

4. What information and materials do you need to improve the driver for this
UPS, besides the protocol from Prolink? We are ready to provide and receive
everything needed from the manufacturer.

Best regards

Alexander Kirillov

company Enfall

mobile: +7 904 333 38 86 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

e-mail: ak at enfall.com <mailto:ak at enfall.com>


energy for all

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