Offlineimap succeeds at prompt but fails via cron job

Jozsef jzfk9 at
Mon Nov 23 14:39:33 GMT 2009

Paul Hinze wrote:
> Joseph LP<ootput at>  on 2009-11-20 at 06:55:
>> I've an issue with Offlineimap 6.2.0 on Debian Squeeze whereby the command works
>> perfectly fine when launched manually at command line, but fails when run on a
>> cron schedule.
> The error you included unfortunately doesn't make it immediately obvious where
> the problem is coming from, so it could be either dovecot or offlineimap that
> is choking there.
> More often than not, however, things that work in a normal environment but
> break in cron have to do with issues with the shell environment.
> For debugging this I usually see if the command in question works via
> `env -i $COMMAND` (start with an empty environment and run $COMMAND) and then I
> start to look at the output of `env` run as my user and try and determine what
> environment variables might be getting relied upon.
> For more strategies on getting to the bottom of this I'd take a look at some of
> the top hits on a google search for some combination of '[debug|troubleshoot]
> cron job'.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul

My Offlineimap died even in command line.
It's actually working like: it's downloading new messages but if I open 
them, after next sync Offlineimap is marking them as new again. And it's 
always like that. No difference command line or crond.
Don't know how to fix this and I just stop using it :(

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