Curses.Blinkenlights debugging

Kurt Granroth kurt.offlineimap at
Fri Apr 2 16:36:09 BST 2010

I run offlineimap on a number of systems and the output of Curses.Blinkenlights
differs in ways that I have never been able to figure out.

For instance, on an Ubuntu system, Curses.Blinkenlights works perfectly and
everything looks exactly like you'd expect

On a couple of OpenSUSE systems, though, Curses.Blinkenlights *mostly* works. 
That is, it shows all of the "text" bits of the output but shows only a blank
screen where the LEDs should be.

On one OpenSUSE system (nearly identical to the other two), Curses.Blinkenlights
doesn't work at all!  Offlineimap throws up an error about an invalid UI and
defaults to the TTY.UI.

Maybe it's the terminal?  Nope; this behavior is consistent on konsole (3.x and
4.x), urxvt, and xterm.  Maybe it's anti-aliased fonts vs not?  Nope; neither
urxvt or xterm support them.

It really seems like it's something that I have installed (or not installed) or
configured (or not configured) system-wide that I'm just not aware of.

So my question: where do I look to track this down?  What kind of things *could*
it be?

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