Blocking of SIGINT (ctrl-c), general feedback

Nico Schottelius nico-offlineimap at
Mon Apr 19 08:32:48 BST 2010

Good morning offliners,

I've been using offlineimap for some time and it mostly does
a good job.

Though there's one thing that annoys me quite much, the handling
of Ctrl-C: For some time offlineimap does not only ignore ctrl-c,
but also leaves the shell in question in a state, where ctrl-c
does not work anymore, also not for programs started after it.

Using "reset" after offlineimap makes ctrl-c work again (though not
for offlineimap itself :-)

A different issue I've is synchronising a new IMAP folder
with 160.000 messages in it, which has already taken about
6 hours in which only 100.000 messages where retrieved.

The connection between the server and the client is Gigabit
and the imap-server is almost completly idle.

Does anyone have an idea how to make offlineimap care about
ctrl-c and how to speed up a sync of that size?



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