Moving to Github?

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Tue Apr 20 23:54:44 BST 2010

Hi folks,

I have been thinking about the future of OfflineIMAP and what I can do 
to encourage people with an interest to easily participate in development.

You should probably read my blog post yesterday for background:

I am thinking of moving project hosting for OfflineIMAP, as well as my 
other projects, over to Github.  When I last looked at it last August 
[1], it didn't meet my requirements.  But they have mostly addressed my 
concerns since then.

The benefits I see of this move include:

  * Easier community-building around forks that introduce experimental 

  * Easier ways for the public to find and use these forks, including 
automatic issue trackers, etc.

  * Freeing me from the need to continue to maintain Redmine on

The downside will be that the existing issue database will be lost. 
Though given its state, containing lots of duplicate reports, support 
requests, and feature requests, I'm not entirely sure this is a 
completely bad thing.



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