Moving to Github?

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Wed Apr 21 13:27:57 BST 2010

Nico Schottelius wrote:
> Have a look at

Good post -- thanks.

>> I am thinking of moving project hosting for OfflineIMAP, as well as
>> my other projects, over to Github.
> If it saves you time - why not?
> If things are working fine on your site, why change it?
> People can always fork right away with git.

It will certainly save me time in the long run.  Ruby on Rails stuff 
(which Redmine, the software behind is terribly 
time-consuming to maintain.  It may also save me money, as Redmine can 
be exceptionally resource-intensive.  I may be able to get by with less 
RAM on my server.

One open question is: do we want to still have a bug tracker?  Some 
high-profile projects, such as the Linux Kernel, find that they work 
best without.  I am sort of questioning the value of the OfflineIMAP bug 
tracker.  There are a lot of things in there that nobody is working on. 
  There are also a fair number of duplicate entries.  A bug tracker that 
is mostly write-only isn't all that helpful.

Of course, on Github, anyone that forks OfflineIMAP can have a bug 
tracker for their own branch, so if someone wants to get testers for a 
new feature before it gets integrated into the master branch, they can 
still use a bug tracker for that.

Thoughts anyone?

-- John

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