The post-sync hook.

David Soulayrol david.soulayrol at
Mon Aug 16 13:08:11 BST 2010


offlineimap provides two hooks : one before synchronisation occurs,
and a second one after it has ended. I'd like to do exactly what's
proposed in the detailed configuration sample: I'm already using the
first hook to do filtering on the server side using imapfilter and I'd
like to use the second one to nofity myself about synchronisation

However, I don't know if there is a way to provide interesting
arguments to the program called in this hook, like the number of
downloaded mails or the number of mails flagged new or unseen. If such
kind of information cannot be passed to the program called, I guess it
must be gathered manually. Has anyone plugged such a functionality?
What do you display in notification, and how are you doing to achieve


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