Machine.MachineUI, is it interactive? and a mbnames question

SamLT samuel.lethiec at
Thu Aug 26 11:36:56 BST 2010

   Hello everybody,

   Is the Machine.MachineUI able to receive input in some way? I don't find
anything on this on the web. (like for example, 'sync now!', change the refresh
setting or just 'exit'?)

   Also what's the proper way to stop offlineimap in the NonInteractive UIs? When
I interrupt it with ^C it doesn't look like it's exiting as properly as when I
type q in the Curses.Blinkenlights ui.

   (by the way I only found 'q' in this UI is there other action avalaibles? I'm
sorry if I miss something in the documentation, please just point me in the
right direction)

   And, last question for the moment, the only thing I've found about mbnames
are examples for mutt. is there others 'variables' available for the 'peritem'
line? (other than %(accountname) and %(foldername) I mean)

   Thank you in advance,


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