Creating a dir (FAQ)

Nicholas Cole nicholas.cole at
Mon Aug 30 14:02:46 BST 2010

Dear List,

I'm new to the offlineimap program, but I already think it is
absolutely fantastic and very polished.  I have hit a subject that is
covered in the FAQ, namely,

How do I add or delete a folder?

OfflineIMAP does not currently provide this feature. However, if you
create a new folder on the remote server, OfflineIMAP will detect this
and create the corresponding folder locally automatically.

Is there any means (fair or foul) to trick offlineimap into syncing a
new local folder onto the remote server?  I'd actually be interested
in writing a patch to do this, but I don't want to start work on it if
it is something that has been left out of offlineimap for good

Best wishes,


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