OT: One-way IMAP sync tool?

seanh snhmnd at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 17:52:46 GMT 2010

Does there exist a tool for doing a one-way IMAP->maildir sync?

I know that this has been asked on this list before, but fetchmail was the only
recommendation and fetchmail is not a sync tool, it just downloads email. For
example, if I delete an email from the IMAP server then the next time I
synchronise I want that email to be deleted from the maildir also. But I never
want changes to be propagated from maildir to IMAP, I'm using the maildir as a
backup only. In other words I want to do a one-way, incremental IMAP->maildir
sync with deletes.

I can't find a suitable tool. Seems the best option might be to use offlineimap
and just hope that no unwanted changes get propagated from maildir to IMAP,
either because of a bug in offlineimap or because some unwanted change has
somehow occurred in the maildir.

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