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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Dec 2 22:16:06 GMT 2010

On Thu, 2 Dec 2010 21:34:28 +0100, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> No because the merge is a maintainer work. Maintainers merge what they
> think is OK and decide where to merge topics but the help of developers is
> appreciated, of course.

OK, makes sense. Then you will be glad to know that I based all my
patches that I sent to the list the last couple of days against your
master :-).
> Yes, this is what I want to do first, with adding personal informations
> and so in the first coming release. I think it will be done this
> week-end.

Looking forward to hear about our future branching model.
> > One thing I do not like so much for example, are the functions and
> > global variables that are currently being used outside of classes. I do
> > recognize that this might be a style issue but I like to have things
> > nicely encapsulated in classes.
> This usualy is a good design. Let's talk in patches. ,-)


>   - set up a minimal IMAP server in the tests
>   - use a minimal dedicated configuration file (account informations)
>     that would be merged in the configuration file used by the tests.

So far, I plan to have the tests run with a "python --server
user at --passwd fooboo" and have the test suite run that.
I hacked together a test that does a simple Maildir->Maildir sync, just to
discover that offlineimap does not support this mode :-).

> This rely on how you use your mailbox. I don't think this would cause
> much problems. Notice this is how Git project works, for example. This
> help to talk in patches everywhere we should.

I am not sure that the git project is the prime example for intuitive
usability. ;) But as long as there is no outstanding amount of bugs,
sure, let's try to use the mailing list. I'll keep my private tracker on
for the time being in any case.
> So, resend it. Let other developers track you without much pain. You
> will gain more reviewers, help and contributions.

OK, will do that. I just hope nobody is annoyed when I clutter up their
email boxes with my patches and their successors :).

All other patches that I mailed as top-level threads the last days are
still valid, I will resend the series from the thread "Patches updated
to nicolas/pu" then (not today though).

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