[PATCH 2/2] Don't fail mysteriously if we cannot get a password

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Mon Dec 13 17:05:30 GMT 2010

OK, I had a more thorough look at the code,

There is imapserver.getpassword (which invokes the getpass stuff from
the UI and repository.IMAP.getpassword() which does not (but tries to
read the config files etc). We *never* seem to invoke the
imapserver.getpassword() function ourself. Is that invoked by imaplib
internally somehow? Perhaps something changed there?

How is that *supposed to work*?

DOH, looking at the code somemore, this has been broken in commit
which has been committed on August 19

It replaces all occurrances of 
-        passwd = self.getpassword()
+        passwd = self.repos.getpassword()

which removes the asking for the password via UI. So this commit looks
suspicious, no it is actually guilty of removing the password

Looking at that code, why don't we use a standard module like
getpass.getpass() for some UIs?

Another riddle solved, now someone just needs to fix it :-)


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