[PATCH 1/4] Re: Do away with UI plugins and simplify calling the GUI

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at sspaeth.de
Sat Dec 25 20:06:39 GMT 2010

On Fri, 24 Dec 2010 17:09:39 -0500 (EST), Leif Walsh  wrote:
> > This has already been discussed. We came to the conclusion that most UI
> > aren't used at all and don't help reducing the maintenance code. This is
> > why we decided to simply remove some UI. I think it's better to NOT have
> > broken UI than keeping them along.

> Yeah, I do use it.  Of course I can sit there and watch some other thing
> scroll up the screen, it's not a huge deal, it just seems bold (at least)
> for a project to blow away a feature suddenly like this.  I must have
> missed the discussion on this proposal, how long ago was it?

Well, there have been 2-3 mails on it, but admittedly in a thread
touching a heap of other things. If people actually use it, I don't mind
keeping the curses interfacce it, as long as its not the
default. Debugging with Blinkenlights is a pain, as each exception
freaks out my terminal and I have to "reset" it to see anything again.

I'll retain Blinkenlights in the next iteration and leave it up to
Nicolas to decide what to do (community poll or whatever).
> > > > Simplify the names of the GUIs to something that a mortal can actually
> > > > remember, make them "TTY, Basic, Quiet, Machine" with TTY being the
> > > > default.
> > > 
> > > You are introducing changes that will break existing configuration.
> > > Have you documented this in enough places?

Will respond to this in my next patch iteration more
carefully. Essentially, if you use an old name, it will error out with
an message, telling you the possible GUI choices. I don't mind to have
the old names continue to work for a while, although in my experience
people don't update deprecated options until they start breaking things.

I'll respond to your other issues in the next iteration, need to take
care of my little girl with 40.5° fever now :(.

> Yes, thank you Sebastian.  Keep up good work.

Nah, thanks for the reviews.


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