[PATCH 1/4] Re: Do away with UI plugins and simplify calling the GUI

Nicholas Cole nicholas.cole at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 20:28:22 GMT 2010

On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Nicolas Sebrecht
<nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 05:09:39PM -0500, Leif Walsh wrote:
>> On Fri, 24 Dec 2010, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
>> > But you don't say what looks more critical to me: do you really use the
>> > Blinkenlights UI? In which use case another UI can't do the job?
>> Yeah, I do use it.  Of course I can sit there and watch some other thing
>> scroll up the screen, it's not a huge deal, it just seems bold (at least)
>> for a project to blow away a feature suddenly like this.
> If you use this UI, I understand your point of view. Nobody complained
> until you did. Which is something I have to consider, of course. But I
> guess the amount of people using it is not so big.

Since other people have chimed in on this, could I also add that I was
using the Blinkenlights UI and would be said to see it go.  I actually
do know a fair bit about curses programming in python, so I'd be
prepared to help fix it if it meant keeping it in (though I won't have
time to do so for the next couple of weeks) and if the description of
what was 'wrong' was clear enough.

I wasn't going to say anything, because it is very good to see the
project moving forward. But since I don't seem to be the only person
using Blinkenlights after-all, I thought I'd speak up!

Best wishes,


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