Archiving mails on my Gmail account

Olivier Sirven the.slaa at
Sat Jan 30 11:25:25 GMT 2010


I use offlineimap for quite a long time now to sync a local dovecot with
my gmail account and every thing is running just fine.

What I would like now is to easily archive my gmail mails, so to delete
them from the inbox but to keep them into "All mails" folder.

Problem is that when I delete the mail from my inbox folder on my local
dovecot server, message is moved to trash in my gmail account.

What should I do in order to just remove this message from the INBOX
without moving it to the trash folder?

For the record, my "All mails" folder is hidden from the IMAP server so
a simple copy from INBOX to this folder is not possible. Unhiding this
folder is not a solution for me as I just want to keep on my local
server unarchived mails.

Thanks for you help or ideas.


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