polls though doesn't collect VIA cpanel created single email account - default settings

yvonne barrymore yvonneyb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 21:47:33 BST 2010

Have a single cpanel created email account, working, on hosted space.
Thinking that perhaps something's not right with the imap there.

Needing to sync with the standard INBOX-Drafts-Sent for which no
imap subscribe seems possible. Deduced by successfully dreating additional
folders which do give the option to subscribe/unsubscribe.

I believe there is a tip out there which may have to do with setting
something in cpanel so that
the default folders are seen even though it's the specific email
acount I created that I wish to collect from.
offlineimap happily polls the folders though finds nothing in the
default folders.

I did manage to collect emails (can't recall exactly what I did)
though had to move everything from
the default folders to the folders I created, which now that I think
about it can't be quite what I did.

Well, I'll have another session on this though I'm hoping someone knows the tip.
I would really like to change as little as possible and keep the basic
single email account created through
cpanel as default as possible. Do i need to change mx stuff? Is there
a need to subcribe somehow to the default
folders? Is there a folder setting I need to put in .offlineimaprc ?
Deleting all folders for account local-remote. I really have tried
about 20 different methods.

The objective being to leave the cpanel account as default as
possible, as mentioned.
Currently there are no extra folders showing in the webmail interface
via cpanel. Just the 4 default ones:
INBOX - Drafts - Sent - Trash (junk is there in a 2 of the webmail
interfaces though I deleted it in squirrelmail)

So, emails do arrive in the default INBOX though offlineimap doesn't
yet collect them, just polls the folders.

stumped totally right now, and have search for the answers extensively.

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