"need more than one value to unpack" error

Anthony DiSante theant at nodivisions.com
Wed Jun 23 18:35:19 BST 2010

On Thu Apr 15 13:17:22 UTC 2010, John Goerzen wrote:
 > Shankar Gopalakrishnan wrote:
 >> What does this error mean?  I presume I could fix it by wiping the local
 >> status directories and starting all over again, but that would mean
 >> re-sync'ing thousands of messages on a very slow connection (which would
 >> take 24 hours or more).
 > Sounds like you are doing IMAP-to-IMAP sync and that one of your local
 > status files was corrupted somehow.  Best bet is probably to blow away
 > both your ~/.offlineimap and local folders and resync from scratch.

Is there any hope of this bug getting fixed?  I just started getting this 
error today, and I'm using offlineimap to simply download mail from my IMAP 
server, not for "IMAP-to-IMAP sync".  It will be a big hassle if I need to 
delete all my local folders and then re-download several gigabytes of email. 
Aside from fixing the bug, isn't there some way to find & delete just the 
corrupt file/message?


Anthony DiSante

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