Syncing deleted folders

Carlos Maziero maziero at
Fri Mar 19 13:39:31 GMT 2010

Hi all,

maybe this is a FAQ, but I didn't succeed to find an answer to it in the 
FAQs and the old postings...

I'm using offlineimap 6.2.0ubuntu2 to make a local backup of my remote 
IMAP account. I have folders and sub-folders in the server. Recently I 
observed that if I delete a sub-folder in the remote server (using 
Thunderbird), the corresponding local folder (managed by offlineimap) is 
not deleted. Also, if I move a sub-folder to another position in the 
IMAP server, offlineimap creates a folder for the new position, but does 
not delete the old one, neither its messages.

This happens all the time, even if I empty the trash and compact the 
folders using the Thunderbird interface. Since I move and delete 
sub-folders frequently, my local offline backup keeps growing all the 

Any advice?

Best regards to all,


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