Unicode Folder Names Support

Horacio Sanson hsanson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 03:15:57 GMT 2010

I just started using offlineimap and I can tell my mutt client is
lighting fast. There is just a single problem, that I have Japanese
named folders and they look like: "&MLkwrTDrMKIwwzDXMLgw4zDRMPM-"
This is a known problem, see here:

I was looking at the documentation and found the nametrans option rather
interesting. I new to offlineimap and I have no idea about python so I
would like to ask the experts, before I delete my IMAP folders, if it is
possible to use this feature to convert the garbled folder names to
something that mutt can display correctly?

Something like (remember I have no clue how to use Python):

nametrans = lambda foldername: re.sub('any folder', 'to_utf8(foldername)', foldername)

Horacio Sanson

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