Unseen message hook

Johannes Weiss weiss at tux4u.de
Tue Mar 23 14:48:20 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I'm using OfflineIMAP and am happy with it :-). I'm only missing two
things where I have no clue about how to configure them:
- I'd like to flag('!' in mutt) all locally unseen messages in the
  moment they arrive on my computer
- I'd like to run a spam filter on all locally unseen messages. If the
  spam filter recognizes them as SPAM, I'd like to delete them.

So all I need seems to be some kind of "unseen message arrival hook".
I could then use a shellscript which flags the messages, pipes them
through the mailfilter and decides wheather they remain in the inbox or
they'll be deleted.

Is that possible using OfflineIMAP? I already checked the docs but
couldn't find anything at all...

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