syncing local to remote

Dan Christensen jdc at
Tue Mar 9 02:48:09 GMT 2010

Dale Harris <rodmur at> writes:

> I figured out my problem, actually, it was stupid.  I needed to make
> corresponding folders on the Exchange side, and actually make sure I
> was using Maildir formatted mail boxes on the local.  So just stupid
> user errors, everything appears to be working now.

Yes, I've found that if I create a local folder, offlineimap won't sync
it unless I create an empty remote folder with the same name.  But then
I sometimes find that after uploading all of the messages to the remote
folder, offlineimap downloads all of them on the next sync!  It also
seems to reverse the order of the messages in the group.

(I'm using an IMAP server at both ends, in case that matters here.)


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