socktimeout has no effect

Philipp Hartwig ph.hartwig at
Thu May 6 13:05:45 BST 2010


I'm running offlineimap 6.2.0 with

autorefresh = 1
holdconnectionopen = true
maxconnections = 3
socktimeout = 30

Sometimes my network connection will die and will have to be 
reestablished, most notably after putting my notebook to some sort of 
hibernate or suspend mode. This will in some cases cause offlineimap to 
hang forever until I kill it, in spite of the socktimeout setting.

I can easily reproduce this by simply doing

ifconfig wlan0 down

in between two refreshs. offlineimap will not even notice that the 
device is gone and just hang. Sometimes bringing back the connection
will revive it, but if I wait long enough (maybe the amount of time 
depends on some serverside timeout), offlineimap won't do anything until 
killed, even if the connection is reestablished.

If I run it with 

offlineimap -u TTY.TTYUI -d imap -1 

and bring down the device, I get as the last output

Account sync myaccount:
   Next refresh in 0 seconds
Account sync myaccount:
   Copying folder structure from IMAP to Maildir
Account sync myaccount:
   DEBUG[imap]:   46:56.86 > CKMH16 LIST "" "*"

It would be great if this could be fixed as it is a big annoyance.

Best regards,
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