Offlineimap is dead, long live offlineimap?

Christoph Höger choeger at
Tue May 18 15:21:53 BST 2010

> To answer your questions:
> 1. OfflineIMAP allows you to download a copy of your IMAP account to
> your harddrive, make changes to your downloaded copy as well as your
> online copy, and when you run OfflineIMAP the next time all those
> changes are resolved and mirrored to both sides.
> Personally I see OfflineIMAP as a part of a bigger mail setup. It does
> one thing, and does it really well. Two new mail clients that are
> taking this view as well are Sup and Notmuch; neither one is bothering
> with including IMAP or POP support so they can devote more time on the
> features they care about.

You got me wrong: I literally meant _formally_. I think before there is
any ongoing development, we should _formally_ define the desired results
of running offlineimap. After that we should write testcases (I think a
simple test framework for offlineimap would be a great thing). We all
are aware of Servers that do not work well with offlineimap and I think
the only way to "solve" that problem is to define the core model of
offlineimaps behavior.

> 2. I'm going to have to agree with Jim's response. Python has a large
> library and community to work with.
> To combine an answer to your number 3 with the Jim's note about John's
> comment on the sad state of imaplib: I have been working on a new
> high-level IMAP library for python, and a rewrite of OfflineIMAP. I'm
> prepared to support it by fixing bugs, answering questions, and adding
> much-desired features; but progress is slow, and frankly I could use
> help.

Basically there are IMAP libraries available for other languages I was
just wondering if the choice of python for such a rather complex source
base was more a pro or a con for contributers to join. I did not intend
to flame against python.


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