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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Nov 23 07:36:46 GMT 2010

Dear all,

after having used offlineimap happily for quite a while, I decided to
delve into its innards. The code looks very clean and nice!

I applied the sqlite patch on the list and have
been using it now successfully. While getting used to the code, I also
did some other cleanup, that is IMHO an improvement, but that might also
come down to style preferences. Please find those patches on top of
John's current offlineimap master.

My git branch is at
(git clone git://

commit 4238d4b1949bb2fa7160570005afa4e1d05c2183
Author: Rob Browning <rlb at>
    Make LocalStatus use sqlite
    Original patch by Stewart Smith.
    (Works very nice for me)

commit 8fdacbcaca6bdcbf756280942fef4d99271efa3a
Author: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
    Make a main class OfflineImap that is being called    
    This is in preparation to move out the command line handling 
    into a class.
    (Might come down to style prefs, but I like it this way)

commit d0608a2b28c05832400cfb50abfe56a37c5b5116
Author: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
    remove some unneeded includes
    (This can be applied in any case, I believe)

commit 53be29941288f975d6aabbcc414623d5f74a013c
Author: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
    Convert to use OptionParser for command line handling.
    This version is feature-identical to before, the only regression is
    that we can only handle one -k switch per call. Need to think about
    how to solve that best.
    (I like to use OptionParser, it provides us with automatic
    help text generation, rather than having to hardcode it.
    although John did a beautiful job in manually justify the help 
    text :-)).
commit 5d5c6bf7603cc04a728bcaf1c6c43ae52debb118
Author: Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at>
    Move __version__ etc into
    Move central definitions into and do away with I prefer them here and it makes the code structure
    easier to understand.
    Some minor cleanup in command line option help.

I have been testing this and it seems to work ok. The next thing that I
plan is to create a test suite to test the correctness of offlineimap
before I dare touching any of the core parts and pieces.

Please pull any patches that you like.

BTW, has anyone noticed the infinite thread recurssion core dump of
offlineimap when turning on "thread" debugging? I thought I broke
something but it is in current stock offlineimap too.

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