offlineimap failing to sync gmail account

Jake B otakuj462 at
Tue Nov 23 11:45:00 GMT 2010


I'm using offlineimap 6.2.0+nmu2ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 10.04, and I'm attempting
to download my gmail account for the first time. Unfortunately, it fails
repeatedly on a particular message. Here are the last 8 debugging messages
when running with "offlineimap -o -1 -d imap":

Last 8 debug messages logged for Copy message 192 from [Gmail]/Important
prior to exception:
imap:   59:44.44 > DKDM173 UID FETCH 192 (BODY.PEEK[])
imap:   01:24.88 < * BYE System Error
imap:   01:24.88 matched r'\* (?P<type>[A-Z-]+)( (?P<data>.*))?' => ('BYE',
' System Error', 'System Error')
imap:   01:24.88 untagged_responses[BYE] 0 += ["System Error"]
imap:   01:24.88 BYE response: System Error
imap:   01:24.88 < DKDM173 NO System Error (Failure)
imap:   01:24.88 matched r'(?P<tag>DKDM\d+) (?P<type>[A-Z]+) (?P<data>.*)'
=> ('DKDM173', 'NO', 'System Error (Failure)')
imap:   01:24.88 NO response: System Error (Failure)

Here are the relevant sections of offlineimaprc:

# NOTE: cronjob calls the quiet UI with -u
accounts = GMail

[Account GMail]
localrepository = Gmail-Local
remoterepository = Gmail-Remote

[Repository Gmail-Local]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/Mail/GMail

[Repository Gmail-Remote]
type = Gmail
remoteuser = otakuj462 at
remotepass = password-goes-here
realdelete = no

# line breaks added for readability
nametrans = lambda folder: re.sub('.*Spam$', 'spam',
    re.sub('.*Drafts$', 'drafts',
    re.sub('.*Sent Mail$', 'sent',
    re.sub('.*Starred$', 'flagged',
    re.sub('.*Trash$', 'trash',
    re.sub('.*All Mail$', 'archive', folder))))))

I'd appreciate any insight anyone may have as to why this may be failing.

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