Patches updated to nicolas/pu

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Nov 29 15:05:51 GMT 2010

Dear all,

I have continued to clean up the code base and propose the total of 27
patches (many of them minor) for inclusion. I have rebased my patches
against current Nicolas/pu for ease of pulling.

You can find them in git at in branch
nicolas-pu. Thank you for consideration. On request, I can attach those
patches as replies to this mail, but it is getting a bit unwieldy, and
Nicolas seems to be a git crack anyway.

I have not heard back from the previous set of patches, is there
interest to include them? It would be a pity to have worked for nothing,
and I plan to continue using them anyway, as I have started preparing
things for a test suite that can be run on offlineimap.

Before delving any deeper into the threading things (ever noticed that
-d thread makes offlineimap coredump?), I would like to create a test
suite first. Have people here experience with python test suites?

Also on the topic of issue trackers, I noticed that Nicolas has not
enabled the one on his github repo. For my own purposes I have set up Should
we use the github one on Nicolas repository? Or do people prefer
something more fancy like this one.

Hope to see a vibrant offlineimap community soon with our branches
merged back into the canonical one.


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