Threading and locking

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Nov 30 13:25:29 GMT 2010

Hi all,

by default we use threads to possibly sync many accounts at the same
time. But we don't seem to protect/lock that 2 accounts deliver e.g. to
the same local Maildir at the same time, which can lead to concurrency
issues. Is this analysis correct? I see 2 solutions:

1) Lock on a per-repository basis rather than using one big offlineimap
 lock (which might not be needed anyway, why shouldn't I be allowed to
 run 2 offlineimap instances to sync separate accounts simultanously)

2) Do away with multiple-account in parallel synching. This would
 reduce the number of threads that we use. I would love to move to a
 situation where a "-1" (singlethreaded) option really does not invoke
 additional threads at all (which makes debugging much harder).

Do people use the multiple-accounts at parallel feature at all? (I am
not talking about multiple threads per account, but synching accounts in
parallel)? Would it be acceptable to just work of one account after the

What do people think?
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