offlineimap running wild

Ross Patterson me at
Wed Nov 17 19:28:46 GMT 2010

Ng Oon-Ee <ngoonee at> writes:

> On Wed, 2010-11-17 at 17:32 +0100, Christoph Höger wrote:
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>> Hi all,
>> I start offlineimap with crontab every 5 minutes.
>> recently this happens at least once a day: offlineimap seems to complete
>> the transaction (logs were clear) and then simply hangs there eating up
>> my cpu and waiting to be KILLed. I do not know what causes this, but it
>> must be some weird threading stuff.
>> To fix this issue I was wondering if anyone else sees such behaviour and
>> under what setup?
>> regards
>> Christoph
> I've noticed this behaviour for months, killing and restarting sometimes
> fixes it. It happens when downloading large emails, more specifically I
> suspect its when there's a connection problem while a mail is being
> downloaded

I've been being bitten by this as well.  I'm using "autorefresh" and
"quick" and most of the time, it runs fine.  But several times a day it
will end up eating 100% of CPU.  It does respond to C-c and then I just
restart it to get back to work.


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