Patches updated to nicolas/pu

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at
Tue Nov 30 19:10:32 GMT 2010

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 04:05:51PM +0100, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> I have continued to clean up the code base and propose the total of 27
> patches (many of them minor) for inclusion. I have rebased my patches
> against current Nicolas/pu for ease of pulling.

Do you really have to? 'pu' stands for 'proposed updates'. Topics here
won't be merge to the next release unless more work have been done.

The good branch you should fork off is master.

> I have not heard back from the previous set of patches, is there
> interest to include them?

Sorry, I been away these days. Yes, topics that have proven to enhance
OfflineIMAP in a good way (tested, etc) have good chances to be merged.
There is sometimes good reasons to not keep a topic but it will always
be discussed before and explaining why.

> and I plan to continue using them anyway, as I have started preparing
> things for a test suite that can be run on offlineimap.

Nice. I like this idea. You may want to send your topics early or even
in an experimental state. This would save you a lot of time if something
goes wrong and will help people to keep track on your work.

> Before delving any deeper into the threading things (ever noticed that
> -d thread makes offlineimap coredump?), I would like to create a test
> suite first. Have people here experience with python test suites?

Starting by the test suites is the best thing to do. This is where
OfflineIMAP really fail, FMPOV.

> Also on the topic of issue trackers, I noticed that Nicolas has not
> enabled the one on his github repo. For my own purposes I have set up
> Should
> we use the github one on Nicolas repository? Or do people prefer
> something more fancy like this one.

I didn't open a issue trackers because I want to. Encourage people to
use this mailing list is the best thing as it is where problems have
most chances to hit someone which can help.

I'll look at your series.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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