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Daniel Pittman daniel at
Fri Sep 10 11:44:18 BST 2010

Shankar Gopalakrishnan <shankargopal at> writes:

>> Personally, I would be tempted to wrap Dovecot over the Maildir, then use
>> imapsync to do the work, but anything should work fine.
> Can I ask why, out of curiosity?

Sure.  I have lots of experience with imapsync, and have found it extremely
robust and reliable for a one-way transfer of email.  There are plenty of
other solutions, OfflineIMAP included, that would doubtless work just as well.

Dovecot is because it is easy to make work, and because imapsync moves mail
between two IMAP servers rather than between Maildir and IMAP.

In other words: these are the tools /I/ like for the job, which doesn't mean
they are necessarily the best tools full stop.

I would prefer to treat a restore like this as "push in one direction", rather
than use OfflineIMAP, because I explicitly *don't* want to sync back and
pollute my backup while doing this; using a tool that can't do that means zero
risk of my screwing up and causing it to happen.

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