[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.3.3-rc2 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Thu Apr 7 19:53:35 BST 2011

We are now at the third week of the -rc1 cycle. I think it's welcome to begin
the -rc2 cycle.  Things are highly calming down in the code even if we had
much more feedbacks than usual. Keep going your effort!

I'd like to thank reporters who involved in this cycle:
  - Баталов Григорий
  - Alexander Skwar
  - Christoph Höger
  - dtk
  - Greg Grossmeier
  - h2oz7v
  - Iain Dalton
  - Pan Tsu
  - Vincent Beffara
  - Will Styler
  (my apologies if I forget somebody)

...and all active developers, of course!

The imaplib2 migration looks to go the right way to be definetly released but
still needs more tests.  So, here we go...


* Increase compatability with Gmail servers which claim to not support
  the UIDPLUS extension but in reality do.

Bug Fixes

* Fix hang when using Ctrl+C in some cases.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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