[RELEASE DRAFT] Going on v6.3.3-rc2

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Apr 5 12:53:55 BST 2011

> * socket error: <type 'exceptions.IOError'> - Too many read 0 (reported by h2oz7v)

That I have no clue about.
> * OfflineIMAP and gchats (redux) (reported by Greg Grossmeier)

I was able to upload the very same message that he failed with to my
Gmail account, so I am a bit at a loss how to debug this.
> * syncfolder: too many values to unpack (reported by Баталов Григорий)
Right, that was deleting 32,000 messages which should work. I did not
find anything special in the log file though.

So, my biggest concern is the imaplib2 change, the rest I am pretty
confident that we at least did not get worse than before :-).

After this release, I would love to work on:

- optional sqlite-based status database (got a working branch).
- introduce the IDLE support from Ethan (?)
- Better error handling rather than lots of tracebacks.
- testing harness (still not sure how to implement best)

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