[PATCH] Make -f option with with folder names with spaces.

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Apr 8 19:19:04 BST 2011

On Fri, 08 Apr 2011 11:37:05 -0400, Dan Christensen <jdc at uwo.ca> wrote:
> Can a foldername *start* with a space?  If so, maybe the strip should be
> removed.

Well, theoretically yes. *By convention*, mailbox names are specified in
some weird UTF-7 encoding (ie, the specs leave the naming implementation
specific :-(), so they could theoretically start with a space.

But my life's goal is to kill everyone who ever creates a mailbox name
_starting_ with a space. ;-)

I don't really care, we can strip (providing less fragile command line
option handling) or not (preventing weirdly named boxes from
being included). But given that during the last 8 years, spaces in this
option were not possible at all and no one seemed to have complained, I
don't think it's going to be a big problem. :-)

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