ERROR in syncfolder for (username) folder INBOX : null byte in argument for long()

chris coleman christocoleman at
Thu Apr 28 15:09:58 BST 2011


Just to be sure.  On my machine, this folder ( 
~/.offlineimap/Repository-IMAPLocalUsername/FolderValidity ) is full of 11-byte 
text files containing a large number like this: 1288942674

You're saying I should delete some/all of these 11-byte files, and run 
offlineimap , and they will be quickly and harmlessly regenerated.  And that 
should correct the error for this first account.  Correct?


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Subject: Re: ERROR in syncfolder for (username) folder INBOX : null byte in 
argument for long()

On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 06:52:52 -0700 (PDT), chris coleman 
<christocoleman at> wrote:
> Thanks Sebastian.
> UIDVALIDITY... this folder doesnt exist.  
> Do you mean UIDMapping or FolderValidity ??

I meant FolderValidity, yes.

Repairing that one will not take a lot of time, as it does not involve
any resync.

> How much time will it take to recreate these files when there are 100,000 
> messages ?  Probably many hours, right ?
> If I blow away (move away) ONE of the files inside these folders, will 
> offlineimap recreate just the one file ??

UIDMapping will still be needed, don't blow that one away, or it will
duplicate all emails on the "LOCAL" side, as it doesn't know which one
it already had duplicated.

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